Q: What does 'emmanation' mean?

You mean, like, literally?

1 a : the action of emanating b : the origination of the world by a series of hierarchically descending radiations from the Godhead through intermediate stages to matter 2 a : something that emanates or is produced by emanation : effluence b : an isotope of radon produced by radioactive disintegration <radium emanation>

I didn't actually bother to look it up when I chose it - it was more about my name being Emma. My cleverness is boundless.

Q: How do you stay so beautiful?

Clean living and bathing nightly in vats of baby tears.

Q: Who is this Crockett person?

My husband, who prefers to stay anonymous. Sort of. I mean, he prefers anonymity, and I sort of manage to keep him anonymous. As long as you don't read too closely or look at the pictures or know me in person or follow me on instagram.

Q: What is your favorite psychotropic drug?

I don't do drugs. Mostly because I don't know anyone who sells them.

Qa: What do your tattoos mean?

Nothing. Well, except the ones that are words. Those mean something. Words do, I mean. And the tattoos do, since they're words.

Qb: Do they get puffy when you get dehydrated?

How odd that you should ask that! Yes, they do. Particularly the ones on my back - they get fully three dimensional, you can even separate the lines from the shading by touch. It's fairly revolting.

Q: If we, your loyal and loving readers, wanted to buy you presents, what kind of presents would you like?

Lifesize pictures of any of my television or movie life partners. Possibilities include but are not limited to Jensen Ackles, James Roday, Scott Michael Foster, and Gabrielle Anwar.

Q: Do you like writing on just one sheet of paper on the table or do you prefer to have "buffer"sheets?"

Buffer sheets, definitely. 1) They protect my table and prolong the life of my pens. 2) They allow my friends to do the color-lightly-on-the-sheet-to-see-the-last-thing-I-wrote-and-find-the-person-who-kidnapped-me thing in the event of my disappearance.

I welcome more submissions for questions. I will answer them. Promise.