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that's not what you do with a hole

Title of your sex tape!

No, really.

Did you know about insurance fraud? 

We have a broken window in our house, from the fucking insane hail that colorado had earlier this week. Smaller than a softball, yes, but bigger than a golfball. Siding, sunroofs, solar panels, cars of all shapes and sizes - ded and gone. 

Apparently, there's a thing where people get money from their insurance companies to fix things, and then keep the money and live with the broken things.


Yes, it's weird I didn't know. I've never used my insurance for anything hashtagblessed. I guess I just thought they paid actual bills for you, instead of giving you money to carry on with your own life? I'm not going to do it, because my window is in fact broken and if I don't fix it I'll end up with water in my walls and all kinds of ridiculous stuff, but also.

What else don't I know????

birthday buddies

which waze did he go

which waze did he go