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When's the last time you watched Friends from the beginning?

Don't lie to me. Or yourself. 

You've done it.

We've allllllllll done it. 

It's about 85 hours of television spread out over 238 episodes. It's a full time job for two weeks, if that's the kind of thing you're into (watching tv rather than getting paid to be somewhere, like, doing work I mean? As if people are *not* into that?).

Obviously, I'm rewatching Friends - I'm midway through season 7 and that's taken about three weeks. I'm a part timer. I know, I should be ashamed. Shockingly, I have thoughts.

There are certainly things to say about the not-at-all subtle homophobia that comes up in basically every episode. There are pages to be written about how intolerable they would all be in real life (except Rachel? And Joey? I did always 'ship them hard).

What I'm really focused on this time around, though, that I'd like to draw your attention to, is how very very cuddly they all are. Cuddly. Snuggly. The armpit nook. The laps. The casual constant huggy-huggyness. #realword. It's all of them! Well, heteronormative pairings only, of course, except for the 'nap' episode in which Joel and Ross found napping together comfortable, warm and entirely emasculating as soon as other people found out. But even when none are dating, Ross will burst in and see Chandler and Rachel leaning on each other while watching tv alone in an empty apartment. All six will be sitting around talking about which move is Deep Impact and which movie is Armageddon and Phoebe will be on Joey's lap. Most oddly, blah blah blah in the coffee shop and Monica will be on the arm of Ross's chair with his arm around her hips.

DO ANY non-physically-involved adults actually physically interact like that?

This is a real question.

Find out. Report back. 


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