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Crockett and I are in the car on the way to the airport, on the way to Portland, on the way to see the tiniest sprinter!! (Brother, if you’re new here.) 

That is not my least favorite thing, obviously. 

I have a Southwest companion pass, so Crockett’s ticket cost like $4!   

(Also not my least fav thing.) 

When I added Crockett as a companion to my ticket (this is the first time I’ve done it), I didn’t have the ability to add Early-Bird check in for him.  It might have been there, actually - prolly was. I didn’t SEE the ability to add it, how’s that.

I never. ever. don’t get Early-Bird. I’m not a nervous flyer, exactly, but getting the whole ‘where am I going to sit??’ drama over with as soon as possible is my preferred method of travel. Then I can put in my headphones and ignore everyone else boarding, as my inner angsty teen so brattily dictates. 

Today, I get to board with group A, but I have to hold a seat for Crockett until he gets on FIFTY PEOPLE LATER.  

Once, this same situation led to old people yelling at me. Even when a Southwest flight attendant told them I was allowed to save a seat.  

Knowing I’m about an hour from having to face that situation again is, in fact, my least favorite thing.  

My problems are myriad. Obviously. 


(Someone is staying with the dogs so no robbing plans, creepers.) 

the first time

unrequited thug love