Colorado. Runner. Yogi. Fucking hilarious, like, 17% of the time.

I'm married to a brilliant, funny rocket scientist. (You might have heard of him, his name is Crockett? I maybe mentioned him once or twice.)

And yet, during my recent and current rewatching of How To Get Away With Murder, I revisted a home truth about myself.

I secretly want to be loved whole heartedly by a man who doesn't necessarily believe in the law. Or, say, physics. I've kind of always harbored a crush on the big, dumb, totally committed type.

Who can we blame for this? Frank, from HtGawM, is my most recent experience, but I'm wondering if it's not primarily a case of wanting to be Baby. Ya know, as in no one would put me in a corner.

Dirty Dancing's Johnny validated young Baby's baby feminist ideas, and he just - loved women so hard. He took care of his friend when she needed help, he offered strong arms when Baby needed lifting, and he stood up to the archetypal dad (potentially unwisely but oh so romantically) when he was being a patriarchal dick. Lets be real with ourselves - did he care what Baby was reading, ten years into the future? Did he have a lot to offer other than a growing beer belly and a joyous reaction whenever she came home from the university where you know she ended up being a feminist studies lecturer?

Oh fuck me sideways y'all.

I just realized I'm describing a dog that was magic'd into a man.

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