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this is not about fresh air

How many times have I mentioned my upcoming yoga retreat? Is it clear? Yoga (and creativity) retreat, Park City, leave tomorrow? Very excited? Bought a little notebook in which to start a comic?

So, like, 44 ish hours. Four yoga classes, one painting class, one hike, and one dance class.

The packing list requests long, fitted pants and a shirt that covers your shoulders for the dance class.

Theories: we're going to do some insane kind of dancing? We'll be inside, I think ... and it's at night, so it can't be a sun protection thing. Maybe our teacher is Mormon (Park City ya know) and doesn't want to see shoulders? Is that a thing I should know? 

I shall report back, do not fret.

Also, there's at least one Banksy in Park City. I have to run like, 8 or 12 miles on Saturday (between painting and evening yoga and then dance on Sat, it'll be fine and also wtf did I sign up for the Leadville Heavy Half?) and I'm going to run by it!! And stop. And take pictures. And a selfie. 

Anyway. Long sleeves and Banksy. Coherent, which is obviously what you come here for. 

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