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Crockett and I have a really hard time figuring out tv to watch together.

I KNOW, such problems.

Part of it is our schedules - we don't see each other a lot at night, so anything we're watching together has to wait days or sometimes weeks at a time for us to get to the next ep. Weeks, y'all. If it's something like Better Call Saul, you think Crockett's gunna wait for me? Especially if I fall asleep during the second half of every episode because I know Saul ends up with Walter and the road there apparently can't keep me awake?

(... was that a spoiler? Is literally anyone in the world saving Better Call Saul without somehow knowing that Saul was a character in Breaking Bad? If someone is and that someone is reading, I'm truly sorry. Email me and I'll - well, I'll spoil something else for you, probably. I don't mean to, it just happens.)

The other part is that on the nights we do sit down to watch stuff, it's usually 8 or 9 pm. At 9:30 pm, I start getting ready for bed.

*HIkes up girdle, leans more heavily on walker*

I ain't starting an episode of West World at 8:45, is what I'm saying. 

What we need is something short. It needs to be silly enough that it doesn't remind me of our goddamn disaster of a country, because then I start wine crying and telling Crockett he doesn't understand about all the freedoms that we're losing every day and blah blah blah. It needs to be relatable enough that he doesn't just straight up forget who everyone is and ask me for back stories every scene. I will happily provide said back story, but after awhile twenty minute shows are taking forty minutes anyway.

New Girl worked for while. HashtagTrueAmerican4Lyfe. 

I hit on the perfect show tonight, though. You ready?

ARE YOU? This is so good. There are 200 episodes. It's like Harry Potter in that everyone can identify with a type. One of the woman is both body and clothes goals for me. The soundtrack is great. Two of the main actors are in love now and you get to watch them pretending to be in love then, even!


I mean, yes, obviously I'm talking about That 70s Show.

If only I could forget about Donna being a Scientologist, this would be the best idea I've had so far this year. 

this is not about fresh air

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