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Something ate my creativity. Like, awhile ago?

Wait, did I say creativity? Maybe I meant motivation.

I mean letsbehonest, babes - I'm never *that* creative.

I don't know if it was the couch, or life stuff, or turning thirty (fucking) six, or Instagram, or what, but I've just been OUT.

This weekend I'm going to a yoga and creativity retreat in Park City, Utah. I'm going because the woman who's running it ran the retreat I went to in Moab last year and I just loved her. She's an ex-Mormon who left the church so she could adopt kids (I think?), she looks like a Barbie doll, and she and she was loud as hell about normalizing real women's bodies. Yes, I did see her naked. Yes, it was a terrible example of a normal woman's body (see above re: Barbie doll and adopted babies).

When I signed up for the retreat, I didn't know so much about the creativity part, just the yoga part. Turrrrrrns out, there's a whole series of events where we're sposed to bring a project, talk about our plans for it at the beginning, work on it during various times during the weekend, and then SHOW EVERYONE AT THE END.


  • 819 blog posts? (820 in your eyeballs this very second, wowowowow amiright.) What would I do all weekend during creative time though? Like ... write? That seems weird. And the clicking keyboard seems kind of rude. And my computer battery is basically non existent. I like to blog on my own couch. I don't know how I'd describe the blog. There's going to be a distinct lack of wine. I can't watch a movie for a drink&watch if I run out of ideas. Blogging hasn't come all the way back around to retro yet (soon tho). You lmk if you need more excuses, I can keep this up all night.
  • Start a comic? I've been meaning to since ... since I started my really really good drawings category, I guess. Spoiler: not really really good drawings, but if you have something funny to say I don't think anyone cares anymore?
  • Think of something funny to say?
  • Needlepoint?? I could make a pillow that says Fuck Off or something. HashtagYogaVibes.
  • Meditate? Is there creativity involved in that?
  • Make jewelry? I don't know how to do that and also don't want to, so....

I'm being serious. I need help. Something ate my creativity. (Full circle. Damn I'm competent.)

holleeee shit

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