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rejected posts

I just went through my Wordpress drafts folder, to see if I had anything ok I could repurpose to take off some of the nablopomo stress. (I'm not stressed *yet*, but check in with me on Nov 22 when I'm prepping a full thanksgiving dinner for me and my mom and dad and possibly my friend and her fella and I realize at 10 pm that I haven't written anything and might fail this arbitrary goal I've set for myself.) There were no diamonds in the rough. There were a few things that were pretty good, but hadn't been published for a reason - like, emotional stuff? More therapist appropriate, less blog reader appropriate.

There were ALSO 19 posts that I deleted completely out of hand, going back to 2010. Some of these were just titles (and not good titles, so why did you save them, old Emma?), and the ones that weren't just titles probably should have been:

  • leap this, buddy (a partial review of the movie Leap Year)
  • priorities, priorities (empty)
  • dirrrty (empty but I'm assuming it was about Christina A or the dogs after the dog park)
  • I don't know what that means (there is no post that could have made this a good title)
  • work (what could I possibly have been intending for this?)
  • making whoopie (this was about tv show sex)
  • when this shows up in (empty)
  • hot blooded (empty)
  • Lovin' Lubec (this one had two lines about how I'm obsessed with Lubec, Maine, which I would swear right now is a town I've literally never heard of)
  • things for this week (nothing good at all)
  • childless (a single sentence about a bbq)
  • turn and face the (empty)
  • it's for your own good (empty)
  • PIE HOLE CLOSED (Matt Damon. Seriously, this one was about Matt Damon.)
  • one way or another (deeply, deeply self pitying)
  • new american cool girl (actually ... I might resurrect this. If I do, pretend this post never happened.)

Having a blog for a really long time can make you feel pretty weird about yourself, guys.

return of the talkies

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