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I have a shopping problem. Not a huge one. Not a shopaholics anon one, or even a 'forget to open boxes that come in the mail' (like one of my sweet coworkers) one.

More, just, when I love something I start looking for more clothes that are exactly like it. Like, if I love my pink off the shoulder Free People sweater (which oh, I do, I wore it on Saturday and it's just the best), that means I would love having LOTS of pink sweaters and should really just dive into the pink sweater pit.

For pink sweater, insert ruched maxi dress, or menswear shirts or tee shirts with words on them (<- actually that one is potentially a real problem) or sweatpant style yoga pants or ... etc. Ad infinitum. Many things. You get the point.

So, if I love the pink sweater and I buy more sweaters like it, you know what happens? I wear the new pink sweaters, sometimes, and I also wear the tee shirts with words on them or the menswear or the dresses sometimes, and I never end up wearing the actual pink sweater that I liked the very most. I end up saving the one that I loved because if I have alternatives, why wear out the best one? Save the best one!

But then, of course, cut to two years later. The new pink sweaters are worn out or dumb, the favorite pink sweater is pristine ... and I'm tired of pink sweaters and have moved on to green henleys or something.

See? It's a problem.

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