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You guys ever look around and go, oh, right. This. So many people shooting people. A misogynistic, racist, trans- and homo- and just generally phobic tiny-handed trash fire trying to start a war every time someone lets him near his phone. An truly horrifying amount of middle aged white men using tiny-hands as justification to make all of their selfish bullshit into laws.

I just. Cry a lot, honestly.

Did you know there's an Amazon Dash Button that sends you a box of surprise sweet snacks every time you feel like you need it? I learned about it from another blogger who ran over her button (who knows how) and replaced it asap.

My button came in the mail today. Fortunately, no matter how many times you push the button, they only send you one box of sweets at a time. So, for a randomly chosen example, if the day you get the button you make the mistake of really just diving into the news and you push it 1074 times in four minutes, you still only get one box.

We'll see. It's self indulgent, and likely unhealthy, but - I kind of like it. I like the idea that when something is just UGGGGHHH I can push a button and know I just did something nice for two-days-from-now Emma. I don't know what two days from now will look like, but lets hope the number of new tragedies is at, like, a bare minimum, and the number of delicious candies in my face is at an all time high, yeah?

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