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I MET A TINY HORSE TODAY. Work does this thing called 'summer of service' (patent pending for my work because literally no one has ever said those words in that order probably and the insta and twitter hashtags are all stolen from my work prolly right? right). It means they organize a bunch of volunteer opportunities that take place during working hours, and they encourage people to participate in them with pay.

No snark, it's super.

Today's volunteer thing was to go to a historic site in Longmont, Colorado, and paint a bunch of very old buildings white. Well, repaint. They've been white off and on for like 100 years I think? I joined the day and the painting enthusiastically but wasn't really listening during the history explanation. In my defense, it was sunny and there were two donkeys and two white cows and two pigs and two goats and two sheep and two Belgian horses....

and one mini horse.

Now that I've laid it out, does it feel a lil ark-ish? If the ark were built by a mini horse hater?

Did you know pigs run around like dogs sometimes?

We primed and painted a milk house (house with a water channel through it that keeps everything cold), a garage, some fencing, and ... a building that we never saw inside of so I'm assuming it's a parks department park hangout and was filled with video games and mini fridges.

The people who came from my work were mostly fun, mostly young, and mostly women. Coincidentally, the man the parks dept sent us was (takes a deep breath and tries to be a lady) very attractive.

I had a great time. Nothing like being the only woman with a wedding ring in a group to make you not care if you look like an idiot in front of a parks guy. Everyone else was maybe a tiny bit thirsty (including this very little man I've never seen in our building who brought his own ladder for gold stars, I guess? He *got* the gold stars from the cute parks guy, too, which means next volunteer day he'll show up with a ladder and his own primer, probably.)

Despite my fab time, I was left with two questions.

First, can mini horses breed? I don't really know how horse junk works. If they can, then I strongly object to the farm only having one mini horse.

Second, do insects have a sense of smell? The number of bugs I saw walk into pools of wet paint today leads me to believe that no, they do not, but also how do they find food and flowers? I'm oversimplifying? I'm oversimplifying.

Third (of two, shut up), what is whitewashing? (Tom Sawyer wise, not Oscars-so-white wise. That I get.)

(Today in Emma's life, see 'questions that can be answered by googling'.)

I miss my new donkey and mini horse friends. Who wants to move to a farm with me?

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