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I love candles, you guys. One of the things that has changed in my life as I have become an adult is that I now buy candles and store them, so I can burn them when I want. I have warm, lovely winter scents and bright, citrusy summer scents, even. Like, stocked, in the bottom of my pantry. Like any good hobby (hobby? no, candles are not a hobby), the deeper you get, the better stuff you want. (Is that like drug addiction, or is that backwards? Or do drugs start that way and then go downhill? If candles are drugs (metaphor wise), not a hobby, then will I eventually start buying 10 for 10 plain white tapers in the grocery store just to hold me over until my next Anthropologie trip?)

Focus, Emma.

So I have candles from Target, and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day candles, and a couple of those Bath&Body Works beauties. But I was thinking it was time to level up and also I read this funny but also real review of a candle called Wood Cabin, made by a company in Brooklyn called Keap, and I was like YES, I am ready for candles that cost as much as THREE glasses of wine instead of one or two glasses of wine. It's time. Plus, this is how the review answered the question 'does it have a good smell?': Yes. In colder months, my favorite genre of candle scent is “old church with big fireplace.” This is one of those candles.

So on the Keap website, I was like where's Wood Cabin ... I got temporarily distracted by Hot Springs, which is cedar and eucalyptus and lavender! but I was on a mission - and I found it, and I put it in my cart, and I hit checkout, and it said 'hey what's your credit card number??'

My credit card was in the car.

And I am a woman who loves a candle, but I am a lazy, lazy woman as well, so I abandoned my candle.

The next day, Keap sent one of those 'hey, you abandoned your poor, baby, unloved candle - did something go wrong or are you just a terrible person?' (not at all what it said even a little). And instead of ignoring it like I usually would, I sent back a note that said 'my credit card was super far away - totally would have checked out if you had paypal tho!'.

Then the owner actually personally emailed me back to tell me they were working on paypal integration.

And then emailed me again to tell me when it was working.

So obviously I bought the candle. Wood Cabin is burning on my table. To me it's more 'nighttime winter walk in Breck with Crockett when his sweater smells like his cologne and our fireplace' than old church, but as you can imagine, it smells pretty tasty either way.

PLUS it snowed here today!

Things are super.

I was born in Delaware

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