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So me and Crockett got married, didja know? It’s been three weeks and two days, we haven’t sent in our marriage license yet, and Crockett left his ring at home on Halloween accidentally so it looked like ‘Duff Man was single oh yeah!’ but we ARE married and it’s super! I mean, basically it’s the same, but it feels cozy and I really like it. “Have you met my husband?” is a thing I could say if we ever went anywhere we don’t already know everyone, for example. Cozy.

The day just flies by, best day of our lives, take some time for each other – these are all things people say about their wedding day and they’re not wrong. We greeted our friends, got married, ate, listened to toasts, danced, took pictures … I remember all of it, but not as clearly as I might like. I’m hoping that when our professional pictures come through, it’ll jog our memories? I wore three different dresses and had ridiculous boho hair (that I loved, ridiculous in a good way, guys), Crockett had a blue suit and a yellow pocket square …

Anyway. Married!

OH, I forgot the most important part: no one, at least in my hearing, quoted The Princess Bride. Because we’re better than that, people.

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