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I was born in Delaware

I was not born in Delaware, I'm just watching this show called 'No Tomorrow' (that's apparently been cancelled I just found out by googling for a link) where this one guy didn't believe in Delaware and this other guy said he was born in Delaware ... it was funnier than I'm making it sound. Jokes like that are not why the show was cancelled, probably? This face is definitely not why it got cancelled. Crockett is out, I'm watching a cancelled show, and there's a smell in the house.

My life is just one party after another.

I can't locate the smell. It's got ... well, it smells vaguely of ... it smells like poo. Specifically, like a dog had an indoor accident, and yet. I've been over the house like NINE TIMES and there is NOTHING. I sniffed the dogs themselves, NOTHING. I checked my shoes. That's right, NOTHING.

It is 100% not the candle from yesterday, although I understand why you'd think that if you read these two posts in a row.

I'm wondering if somehow Deaner distracted me and pooped in the basement? He loves the basement, but I can't go check because see above re: Crockett being out. (I don't go into the basement when it's dark and Crockett isn't here. Blame 35 years of horror movie lessons.)

Otherwise, I'm concerned that it might be my nose. Or my shirt. Or the sewer system. I'm not sure which of those is worst.

Maybe there's no smell in Delaware.

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