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Why haven't we all learned to sign off phone calls the way people on tv do? Here's why I ask: I sign off phone calls the way people on tv do.

Which is to say, when it appears that the conversation is over.

Maybe I do just watch too much tv, but ... people on tv don't say goodbye very often. Here's a generalized example:

"So, do you want to go out tomorrow night?"

... pause heavy with meaning...


"Good. Tomorrow night it is."

Both characters hang up their phones and look pleased with themselves. Annnnnd scene.

Not only did they not make a plan regarding where and when they would meet, they also didn't say goodbye.


Which leads me to believe it's ok (aside from the obvious lack-of-detail issue), because where are we supposed to learn our social cues from if not popular culture? Established norms? I spit on your established norms.

(I don't really. I'm kind of all about operating within boundaries, y'all.)

But still. I've been seeing it on tv so long that I do it myself. Crockett has called me out on it more than once, but no one else has ... so maybe while I'm hanging up without saying goodbye, everyone else is too? Fill me in. Do we say goodbye or do we hang up once all (or most) useful info has been communicated and we're at a good stopping point?

fuck you right in the nose hole, TV

and again: Bachelor, Ep 2