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scritchy scratchy

Maida is really feeling her oats lately. Possibly because I switched the dogs to raw and freeze dried food? (PSA: it's literally no more expensive than the good kibble I was feeding them before. I don't really know how that's possible but I've run the numbers twice and am a month into it and it all checks out so .... you know, if you have dogs, maybe look into it if you're curious. You just have to remember to take the raw stuff out of the freezer and mix the freeze dried stuff up with water and stick it in the fridge every couple of days, easy peasy, and it feels like taking good care of them.) Anyway, she's been a goddamn nutball, and she's so out of practice that she's doing very ungainly things like falling off curbs and sticking her tongue up my nose when she tries to lick it.


'Feeling your oats' is kind of gross, right? The phrase? I'll look it up in a second, but it, like, super feels like it's about balls, right? Either that or rubbing your stomach so hard you can literally feel your breakfast?

Ok looking it up brb.

I was actually pretty sure, by the way, that I was going to google the phrase only to discover that it was something my mom invented, but nope, it's a thing. It's actually literally a thing that refers to how horses act after they get oats, so Maida feeling her oats after she eats her new food is very apt. Nailed it, self five.

(Wasn't this fascinating? Other than looking at places to get married and wedding dresses (looking at EVERY wedding dress, starting to think separates, cause I'm a kicky gal) Maida being all goofy is literally the most noteworthy thing happening here. We are a simple folk.)

let's drink and watch: The Bachelor Episode 1