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flip and rewind

So I super wanted to write about this young woman who posted a petition on asking stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters to stop selling "inappropriate" clothing, but it took me forever to find the link and I'm tired so ... maybe tomorrow I'll have a fully thought out response. In case I don't get to it, though, in summary: Petition writer, there is a point in the life of every woman (or should be) when she realizes that policing other women with regards to their obedience to patriarchal guidelines does none of us any good. Therefore, you should shop at the many stores that sell things that you want to wear, and then wear those things. AND, you should let other young women shop where and wear what they want to wear. (To be clear, she is well spoken and I get that she's excited about defending something she feels strongly about, and that's beautiful. I wish I'd been so brave at fifteen. However, when she says things like "I and girls everywhere want to be able to be trendy and classy, modest but stylish," and "clothes currently being released by beloved brands for girls tear away the innocence we deserve to treasure, and while we should look classy, young, and beautiful, we instead come across as cheap," she's undermining the women her age who chose to wear those 'cheap' clothes. She HAS choices that meet her needs, they're in stores everywhere. The text of the petition has a very 'you evil stores are making us into bad girls but we're good girls' undertone. That's problematic for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that telling young women that good girls are modest is a huge part of rape culture. Oh, and of this.)

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