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The thing about not writing for awhile is feeling like when you start up again, the subject either has to be momentous or explanatory. So, like, I could have gone with getting engaged (whoop whoop!) as my momentous news, and then eased back into the day to day. But instead I dropped it like a ... small subtle thing that you drop? and then stopped again. I also could have gone with our engagement as the explanation for the lack of blogging, but we haven't set a date yet, much less started doing any work that actually takes any time, so that'd be easily disproved bullshit.

So then you don't write, and then you're in the habit of not writing, and that's much easier than being in the habit of writing.

But every so often, when I'm not writing, something happens that makes me feel like doing it. Tonight, that thing was watching Doctor Who while reading the AV Club Doctor Who coverage.

Because, well. Doctor Who because obviously, Jessica Jones (and because the 10th Doctor is THE Doctor fight me and if you have shit to say about Rose fight me twice). The AV Club because their television writing is just fucking brilliant.

So I think to myself, well, I want to watch TV and write about it, but I don't really! Mostly because that would involve watching NEW things, and for some reason I prefer my television intake to be about 80% rewatching.

For example, The Man in The High Castle is available and super fun, at least in the whole 'it's like the real world only worse in tiny interesting ways' way. Like the Nazi themed kids magazine Crockett pointed out, Ranger Reich.  The AV Club has fun coverage that hits on the interesting points, ties in past things we might have missed, and bring up watchers gossip. It's helpful if you love the show and fun even if you don't. Like very liberal Cliff Notes, sort of.

Crockett hopped a couple of episodes ahead of me while I was finishing NaNoWriMo, and I promised him I'd catch up before we went out of town last week.

And then I watched all of Psych and the 9th Doctor's season instead. (The 9th Doctor is acceptable. Matt Smith has no place in my heart or this blog.)

I seriously couldn't help myself.

Crockett and I have very few shows that we watch together, so when we find one we stick with it (because sometimes you want to both point your faces at the tv and do nothing else at all). Add that to the fact that I like The Man in the High Castle, and this should have been a smash hit! (I like the hair and costumes, at the very least, and that pulled me through a whole damn season of Smash, speaking of.) I just couldn't make myself do it, somehow.

I have two theories. The first is that it's not the simplest show, and it requires actual focus while watching. I use TV more as company, while I'm doing chores, and rewatching means I can leave the room without pausing or whatever. (I'm suddenly struck by the idea that I've written about this before? If so, sorry!)

The second is that I hate new things, like a cranky old lady.

Fifty fifty, I think.

So, momentous: I have watched more than 100 hours of television in the last two or three weeks. Explanatory: same same. Kicker: none were The Man in the High Castle.

P.S. Is Hitler the man, does anyone know? I'm obviously not going to watch, so you can just tell me. I won't tell Crockett, promise.


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