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hell on heels

If I were to tell you that on a plane about 1/3 of the way through your torso, roughly in parallel with your spine, I (emotionally) felt something like a cheese grater, you would think I was an insane person. You'll notice I didn't end that sentence with a question mark or the word right. It's an insane thing to say.

But, and I'm sure literally no one (everyone) saw this coming

I totally said that earlier tonight.

Fortunately it was to Crockett, and he's sort of predisposed to work through these moments with me. However, these moments are getting more often and closer together. (Does it seem weird that the opposite of fewer and farther between is not an idiom? Yes, it does.)

He's sort of stressed about a variety of work and adventure things that are happening, and his energy literally felt to me like a cheese grater in a specific part of his body. 'HIS ENERGY FELT'. I not only wrote that just now, I said it out loud earlier.

My ideal explanation of what's happening is that I'm either psychic or am newly suffering from/blessed with synesthesia. 

The actual explanation is that my hippie mountain town roots are finally taking hold and there's nothing I can do about it. It's a shame, but what's an aura-seeing, emotional-cheese-grater-sensing lady to do?

whoommm whommmmmp

flat circle