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Last night I had the perfect thing to write about. It occurred to me while I was peeing. Then the night went of the rails in a minor way, and I lost my whole fun and fancy idea. Today, all I wanted was to get the idea back (cause I been low on things-I-wanna-write-about lately) so I tried peeing and thinking, but that didn't get me anywhere. Then the next time I peed, I tried peeing while not thinking. No love. There's a part at the beginning (maybe?) of Firestarter that's about people peeing in their pants, did you know that? (FRANCO AS THE 11/22/63 PERSON WHAT ALSO). Stephen King wrote something about us being conditioned as young'uns to not pee while clothed. Accurate, right? Definition of potty training right there. He claimed, in the book, that grown ups are actually busted and can't actually do it even if they try (where, again, it is peeing in their pants. If you'd asked me how many times I thought I'd write that phrase today when I woke up this morning I would have guessed significantly fewer than the 2 I've already hit.)

I really want to try.

I am a grown up woman with a healthy bladder. I don't have the thing that some of my mama friends have where they pee (in their pants (3)) sometimes when they giggle or cough because of the bag of flour sized baby that came through their nether regions. I am actually free of incontinence of any kind as far as  I know.

What I'm trying to say is that I was under ten the last time I peed in my pants (4) and I had been playing outside with my friends and didn't want to go inside to pee and I basically just waited until there was more pee than bladder, I think.

Could I do that now?

Stephen King isn't exactly a medical expert, but I have to assume he usually doesn't make shit like that up. He must have researched it or something, because otherwise why include it? As far as I recall, pants peeing (4.5) wasn't integral to the story, so ...

Yeah. Pee. Pants. (5)

Seriously, though, I have wondered this off and on since reading the book at 14. If anyone has any insight, hit me up. Otherwise eventually I am going to be my own guinea pig and any outcome of an experiment where I try to pee in my own pants (6) ends with me on the losing end.

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