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  • Man Men does something to your head, doesn't it? It makes everything seem slower. And sadder.
  • Having a puppy is hard. He's big enough to climb on almost everything, smart enough to solve easy 'hey she just put that on the TABLE, I can still reach it!' problems, and young enough that chewing on things is how he investigates them. He's also a motherfucking cutie pie, which helps.
  • Last night a woman came over to meet the dog portion of the family, to see if we'd all be comfortable with her as a dog sitter. She was GREAT.
  • The bathroom is definitely haunted. I was in the far stall (of the two) and someone came in and unzipped and sat down and then I zipped and flushed and went out to wash my hands and the OTHER STALL WAS EMPTY. Fuck that shit.
  • I like the musical guest stars on Hart of Dixie. I've mostly never heard of them ... OH MY GOD. I just tried to google the newest one to be like 'she's a country star and you should check her out, she's fun' but she's not a real country music star!! She's an actress and they made her up! My life is a lie.

I obviously super duper have my shit together right now.

let us drink and watch...

I might've known it would be red