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Like the good friend I am, I very responsibly distributed this video to all my girlfriends the SECOND I found it. Oh, you'd like to know what it is before you click? You savvy interneter you. It's the Magic Mike XL trailer, otherwise known as Flashdance redux feat. Channing Tatum.

Then Star and I had a conversation about power and objectification (true and accurate).

Then we had this conversation.

Me: man alive I'm dying over here the perfect follow up
Star: OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I want channing tatum to be my boyfriend for all of those reasons
Me: "while welding at you" I just watched his wife in a lifetime movie this weekend they seem so adorable
Star: They are so cute I want them to take me on as their sister wife
Me: awwwww or neighbors, maybe I would rather not have channing than share channing it's good that I've decided that, don't you think? so that when it comes up I won't have to waste precious time thinking about it

I should have titled this post 'today in realism'.


well there goes my future man plan

kah-WEEEEEEN ah-man