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don't you ever say I just walked away

Dean peed on Maida's head today. It left a cute yellow stripe. He was originally supposed to be neutered tomorrow, but that's not happening now due to reasons that the foster coordinator explained over the phone while reception was bad. I do know that neutering him won't stop him from peeing on Maida's head. He will of course still have a penis, and he will be able to point that penis at things, he just won't have the dangly bits. I was sort of hoping that without the dangly bits he'd be less motivated to wake up at 4:09 am demanding belly rubs, wrestling, and her warm spot near my belly from me, Agnes, and Maida respectively,  but that may have been wishful thinking. I don't really understand testosterone, not having an ample internal source from which to draw.

Also, today I went to the dentist. At the dentist, I spent a lot of time alternately 'ahahr ghgsh shsh'ing when there were hands in my mouth and 'gosh I don't know exactly what's going on with me and Crockett' when there weren't, because the dentist went to college with Crockett and his charming wife who I actually love a lot would LOVE to come to a Crockett/Emma wedding.

Basically a lot of HOME TRUTHS today, people. I have the same friends and places to hang out and also dentists as I did when I had a boyfriend and sometimes that's a pain in the ass, and I have a dog who pees really high instead of squatting like a delicate lady. This is my life now.

(What qualifies as a home truth? It doesn't have to be, like, a real problem, does it? It can be a wussy I'm feeling sorry for myself because it's just one of those times kind of problems, right? If not, please inform me of what I should be calling these issues.)

I might've known it would be red

the basement