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Every day something happens to me at work and I think I should write about this! And then every time I start writing I think jeez louis I should one-hundred percent write about something better. But now is the time for this subject to shine.

I do not like to enter a bathroom stall immediately after someone else left it if I have a choice. I don't know why. My high school friend Sandra pointed out that a lot of folks (women? perhaps this is less an issue for men because of the less frequent use of stalls? or more of an issue because of the almost definite purpose of stalls?) feel that way and that it's dumb, because in a public restroom you are almost always putting your naked butt right where someone else's naked butt has been very recently.

This is very true, and yet. Is it the distinct ass warmth that puts us off? I mean on the one hand ... eww, stranger's ass warmth. On the other hand, warm seat!

Oh! I just remembered that it wasn't actually going into a stall after someone else that Sandra was talking about. She was talking about how if someone doesn't flush, even pee, we all avoid that stall. Like, we definitely know someone was peeing in there but we don't want to KNOW know.

Sandra gave this a lot of thought.


On my floor of my building, the layout is very handy in all the restrooms in that there is a sink for every stall. Great for hand washing if several women are in there, but also

and this is my big point so pay attention

IF we could all agree to use the sink that corresponds to whatever stall we just exited, we could effectively signal everyone else in the bathroom. No one entering would have to carefully listen for the direction of the finishing flush, or partially enter a stall only to see the swirling water and then decide on the fly whether to back out or just own it.

See, I told you I think about this a lot.

There is literally no reason this wouldn't work, as long as everyone knew it was a thing. It's like that great yellow ribbon on a dog's collar thing. (Yes Agnes is leash aggressive. Yes I would like to fix that but haven't been consistent enough to do so yet. Since the move I'm lucky if I remember a bag (they were handily provided at the apartment complex!) much less the cookies with which to distract/reward her when other dogs pass.)

So, let's do ourselves a favor, ladies. Draw the shortest line from your stall to a sink when you're done peeing, and use that sink. If someone is standing there, explain to her the movement. OUR movement. Eventually the most-recently-used-stall guessing game will be a thing of the past, and wouldn't we all be better off?

(Of course I managed to write 500 words about this. Of course I did.)


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