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Did you guys know you can get a bunch of new websites now? Like, where there used to be .com and .org and .biz there are a million billion choices? Some I could buy:

  • (aahahahahah no)
  • (hat tip to Crockett for finding this one)
  • ... something ... .cash. What? I can't think of what's funny to follow up with cash but I think there must be lots and lots of choices.
  • (where I would put the doggie cam feed so I could watch them when I'm not home, obviously)
  • (like, who wouldn't hire me if I were looking for a job which I'm not because I still love my job but if I were who wouldn't hire me with a website like that, huh?)

I'm sure this is actually the bottom of the barrel, because for some reason urls aren't a medium I'm really finding my groove in. It's almost like I'm going to be thirty four in ten days and am too old for this.


Anyway. If someone is super tempted by, then at least leave me, all right? It doesn't have the same ring to it but, you know. Sloppy seconds or something. Whatever.

it's just common sense

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