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let's do this


I have made pretty damn good progress on this house that I've lived in for 12 days.

See??? (See also: tiny dog in a tiny sweater.)

Self back pat, with a smug look on my face. Since this picture was taken I've painted the wall on the right dark grey and ordered a kitchen table that fits the space, too.

So I've been busy and also distracted. Every house idea I have requires money and I am maybe a teeeensy bit over my house budget already (teensy is an actual financial term when you add two extra 'e's, I don't know if you all knew that so you're welcome) so I can't do a lot of that. I can paint a lot of walls but I think perhaps some of those decisions are best made slowly. Yes?

So today I was like hey I need a hobby. And then I remembered:

I have a fucking hobby.

Hi, hobby!

well I think YOU GUYS are two metals. gold medals.

a series of tiny disasters