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I think Shonda Rhimes and I have similar taste in men and, in a correlated but not caused-by statement, I'm thinking I need therapy. (I'm basing this brief analysis entirely on Fitz and Derek Shepherd, by the way, because I have no idea what her man/men/real life partner-type-person looks like. I know that in my fiction, the men are sort of ... like my men, though. Not like any actual specific man, but like the men that live in my head when I think about who I want to be with and have been with and will, theoretically, end up being with. I'm assuming with no basis at all that Rhimes and I are the same in that.)

I also think that her primary men are men with cheater face. ("62% of women accurately judged whether the man had a history of unfaithfulness solely by looking at a photo of his face, sans even the most basic of personality or physical cues to go on.")

It's understandable maybe why I'd associate the Grey's and Scandal characters with cheater face. Derek wasn't ever like a bad mean cheater ... you know, either you understand the intricacies of Grey's or you don't. Suffice to say he technically cheated but never, ever seemed like a bad guy for it. Fitz, well. Scandal is complicated. Meliie's past and ...

Damn, that Rhimes is GOOD.

The possibly needing therapy part is that I see similarities in their faces (something Shonda and I both like? does she get to help cast?), I associate whatever that is with a tendency for unfaithfulness...

and I'm INTO it.

I wonder if there's a way to get ABC to pay for the therapy that I obviously need.


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