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details, details

So my morning thing is the alarm going off at 5:30, and me either getting dressed to go for a run with Agnes, or me hitting the snooze button once if I'm going to walk both girls together for longer after my shower instead.

This morning was supposed to be a running morning, but instead I hit the snooze button three times. Three.

See, I was having a dream about flying. Sort of. I have a lot of dreams about flying. Not the actual flying part, but the details of flying. Frequently I've just realized I'm going to miss my flight and I have to get to the airport and park and find my party. Sometimes I decide I don't want to go and I have to deal with alerting my party and losing whatever money I've put down.

My party is almost exclusively my high school French class, even when they aren't.

This morning, though, I was dreaming about pricing flights to Ireland. See, I was somewhere and my mom was in Dublin and I had said I wasn't going, but I decided I did want to and I was literally dreaming about searching the internet for the best price on tickets to Ireland.

I woke up and hit snooze three times just because I desperately needed to know how it was going to end.

I feel like this says something about me, but I'm not sure what.

Oh, wait. It says I am one boring ass dreamer who spends too much time on the internet. And should maybe go somewhere. Sometime. One of these days.


lets drink and watch That Awkward Moment

let's drink and watch