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take off Tuesday

It's a thing! Because Princess Sunshine and I said it was. Here's what I did today.

Used 8 vacation hours.

Visited the Boulder County Records Office and got two copies of my birth certificate so I can FINALLY get my Irish passport. (Thanks for being Irish, Grandma!)

Got a phone call from the Boulder County Records Office at 4:29, at which time they left a voicemail asking me to call them back before 4:30. Sadly I did not make the cutoff.

Went to visit my house with PS. We looked at the model home and then my house (which has windows and the siding started!).

Went to the pool for three or more hours. It's unclear, we entered a pool zone where we drank Bud Light Lime and then got in the water and then laid in the sun and talked about boys and then repeated ad infinitum.

Drank more beer and ate pizza and fries and talked about career goals.

Came home and sat on the couch and started this post while fighting the sleepiness of a day full of sunshine and beer.

Sometimes 8 vacation hours are a lot.

I'd believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning