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let's drink and watch ...

Watching: Filth. Thirty seconds in and I've already lost track because of the accents.

This bodes well for the evening.

Watching: The Banshee Chapter

Drinking: NoCo

  • Starting with some MK Ultra trivia, I like it, I like it. Especially when it's delivered by Bill Clinton and people in the dark or with their faces blurred out, old school 60 Minutes style or what have you.

  • Goddamn it the main female character has a British accent. Isn't that why I turned off Filth? Her goofy face buddy is about to take whatever they gave people during the MK Ultra experiment. On purpose. I'm more likely to get all the way through this movie than this is to end well for him.

  • OH SHIT MAN. That went from eerie to jump scare to fuck me sideways in about eight seconds. If someone tripping on experimental government drugs ever whispers 'it's getting closer to the house' to me, I am out like Neil Patrick Harris.

  • The drugs came from unnamed 'friends in Colorado'. I'M in Colorado RIGHT NOW! I could be surrounded!

  • Now numbers stations. Does streaming this movie get you put on some kind of watch list? I already streamed it awhile ago but didn't actually watch (writing? redditing? sleeping?) so I guess it's too late to worry about that.

  • My general instinct regarding the question 'did you used to work for the NSA' is that you do not ask it of anyone ever. Particularly an old fellow who is about to give you directions regarding where to go in the middle of nowhere in the desert to listen to a radio broadcast. Of course, I would also never get out of the car and yell 'is anyone here' in the middle of said desert in the deepest dark of the night, so miss protagonist (Anne) and I are at odds about a lot of things.

Guys, I didn't think this was going to be very scary but it is.

I have nothing but horror movies in my Netflix list.

What is wrong with me.

I mean I love scary movies but I'm alone and I have to take the girls out to pee in awhile and walk around a deserted parking lot and then come back to an empty apartment. THIS IS NO TIME FOR BANSHEE CHAPTER and the like.

I'm just going to watch Veronica Mars again. Have you seen it? You should. Since I already have my wine out, I'd drink and watch this for ya but it would look a lot like this:

  • She said marshmallow! (When we were in the theater watching this we all hollered when that happened, it was awesome.)

  • It's Carrie Bishop!

  • MR MARS!

  • Oh my god Logan is the WORST.

  • "You should only wear that."

Etc. Not even as mildly rewarding as my usual chatter.

Speaking of Kickstarter (which I was), I contributed to this and now I have some temporary literary-themed tattoos coming in the mail. Badass.

as it should be

well fuck me with a chainsaw