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Today Coastie and I were messing around at work. I got a catalog in the mail for bizarrely expensive ski clothes, and we work with catalogs, so we were looking at the clothes ($1600 ski pants, for example) and trying to figure out why the catalog would have come to a non-skier who balks at triple digit clothing costs. Really, mostly, we were just laughing at the pants and telling stories, though, and somehow I started talking about the time that my brother got his car stolen in Tijuana. (Logic there goes ski pants .... um ... Tijuana. It was late in the day and everything was going kind of loopy.) So I, for some inexplicable reason, say that I have always wondered if my brother and his friends were looking for/at a donkey show when the Jeep was stolen.

I have no reason to think that's the case, except that everything I know about Tijuana I learned from the episode of Veronica Mars where Logan goes down for a boys weekend and one of his friends smuggles drugs and I'm pretty sure there was a donkey show in that episode because otherwise where the hell else would I have gotten that idea?

So anyway, Coastie says jokingly (I think) that I should just ask my brother, and I tell him I would literally never ever do that and I laugh and laugh and all of a sudden another coworker is standing there asking what I would never talk to my brother about.

Totally stuck. I can refuse to tell her, but that's basically admitting that Coastie and I were talking about inappropriate things and what do I say? I was talking about dirty things and I don't think I know you well enough to tell you?

(Actually, yeah, that wouldn't have been the worst response aside from that last part. But I think she and Coastie were a lot tighter before I started and it just felt kind of mean to be like nope, can't tell you, our secret.)

Second best choice, make something up.

I mentioned that it was late in the day and loopy, right?

So I was like oh, well, I was saying I thought he might have gone to a donkey show in Tijuana and Coastie said I should just ask him.

Blankness. She is a lovely, smart, nerdy, young(ish) mathematician and she has never heard of a donkey show before. She looks back and forth between me and Coastie and our faces are getting redder and redder and then he looks at his watch and says 'gosh I have a phone call' (swear to god, could have stabbed him), so she looks at me expectantly.

So I say.

"Google it."

Then I add.

"Um, but not from work."

Please nobody call HR.


just when I thought I was out

oh my