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I had my 'low voltage' meeting for the house today. What does that mean? Excellent question, perceptive reader. Apparently, it means all the wires in the house that aren't carrying electricity. Phone, ethernet ... um, security. Speaker wires. I've loved every part of the house planning so far, but this part sucks. I want to care about this stuff because it's the most 'home of the future' of all of the things I get to decide, but I just don't. I can put speakers LITERALLY wherever I want. I can put cable and ethernet ports like, everywhere. I can build conduits into the walls so that I can mount TVs on them with no wires drooping down. I can make the house beep or scream when doors and windows open, or put a motion sensor on the main floor that will tell me if anyone bigger than Agnes is walking around down there.

The thing is, I'm a simple woman.

That is dumb. I wish I hadn't written that, but, you know, posterity. Grow and learn. Etc.

I'm not a simple woman but as far as household science goes, I want the internet and a variety of screens with which to access it and the fanciest kitchen ever. The size of those screens? Eh. Don't care. Crockett was always trying to justify a bigger TV in our basement. He put tape on the wall in the size of the screen that he wanted. I don't know what the end game there was, but he had a plan, I'm sure. I suspect he could have actually bought the bigger screen and I would only have noticed because the tape would have been covered up. The sound coming out of those screens? I have the subtitles on most of the time anyway.

So I'm torn. I want my house to be badass and magical. I just don't want it to be speakers, I guess. Or security. Or ethernet. (I mean I'm putting ethernet in the rooms (I think) of course). What other magical things could there be? What could make it feel like my house could be dropped at Epcot Center and fit right in?

Perhaps I'm setting the bar slightly too high.


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