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that feeling, you can only say what it is in French

SHAMELESSLY TITLE STEALING FROM STEPHEN KING. Oh my god by the way, I was in the same room as Stephen King! And he was on a stage that I myself had been on not that long before! So basically I met Stephen King! (Last September. I'll tell you about it tomorrow, maybe? Or later this week? I would tell you today but...)

I am cranky as fuckity fuck. You know that feeling when you're reeeeally reeeeally hungry and you can't even figure out what you want to eat because no food seems like it will be good enough and you just want to punch ALL THE FOOD?

Do you ever feel that way about life?

That's how I feel right now for literally no good reason.

I don't actually think the French have a word for that. The Stephen King story of the-shamelessly-stolen-name is about deja vu. It's about a woman who gradually discovers that life after death is whatever you expected it to be, and she was raised Catholic and expected a near eternal purgatory. Her purgatory is cycling the same half an hour in a plane then a car with her husband, aware that it's going to happen over and over again and unable to do anything about it. I am obviously not appropriately representing the creepiness of this, because I am not my beloved Stephen King.

Tangent: Mr. Mercedes was good, but I love mysteries and thrillers as well as horror novels. This was more the former two than the latter, except in as much as people are HORROR-ible.

Did I mention that literally nothing happened today to make me act like the whiny toddler that I am currently being? I even think it's rubbing off on Agnes. She has attacked Maida several times for no reason tonight, and I actually had to separate them (with myself, not with a door or anything).

Is it a full moon? Mercury is in retrograde, I know, but I also don't know what that means.

I just tried to find a French expression that means what I mean, but instead I came across these gems on the BBC website. Weirdly, they're making me feel better.

J'ai les glandes (very familiar) French people feel anger swell in them through some glands that they have in the back of their throat.

J'ai les boules ! (very familiar) Lit. I've got the balls. Same meaning as j'ai les glandes, which are often also called les boules. This expression can be completed by an appropriate gesture: Hold two imaginary pétanque balls, one in each hand. Then repetitively shake your hands in front of your neck, as if enormously swollen glands were growing out of your throat.

J'ai la haine ! (very familiar) Lit. I've got hatred.
I feel hatred within me. Definitely stronger than j'ai les boules. With this expression, it's impossible for your friends not to take you seriously. They'll get the message that today is not the right day to mess with you.

Do you think that's true? That French people have anger glands in their throats that the rest of us don't? I do not in any way think that that's true but I think it's adorable that there's a saying about it. I think j'ai les boules is where I'm at. I may graduate to j'ai la haine... or I might just go make some dinner. And punch all my food first, of course.

have I already used 'I'm so excited I'm so excited I'm so scared'?

let's drink and watch