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so that whole house thing

Yeah, I'm doing that. I gave a big construction company lots of money, which was exciting (not exciting), and then they gave me a lot of things. Things like a big booklet that lists what water does to Colorado soil. Apparently people who live in new houses are required to read it - or take it and sign a thing saying they have it, really.

It's bad. The water and the soil. It moves? Or something?

Haven't actually read the book. I'm sort of (totally wisely and maturely) trusting that hundreds of other people wouldn't be buying there if it was too scary.

Also it's not that far from an actual mine! Which is cool. My two favorite little towns here are both old mining towns, so obviously there are mines. One of those is under the development! But not under my house. I'll be sad about that when the ghosts from the mine start haunting the houses that are built on it and Sam and Dean have to come and Dean falls in love with a young, small brunette homeowner that ISN'T me (shut up he has a type), but for now I'm pleased about it.

I met with the construction supervisor last Thursday. He was a big old cranky man. He told me that the house seller person, Angie (who is awesome), told him that I was SUPER excited and asked him to take the meeting himself, which he normally isn't doing right now because they're so busy. I couldn't really think of any questions after that - nothing like a high bar to really stifle natural interaction - but I did make very very sure I understood the lot plan. Not because I NEED to know (I'm not building the damn house), but because!!! I know the exact elevation of my foundation now!!!! And the exact grade of my yard!

Now you know too!

Next week I go to the design center, which is a) where I will pick out all the fun stuff and b) where I very literally go into debt that I may carry for the rest of my life.

Cause houses are fun! And what's a little bathroom-subway-tile/upgraded-carpet-pad debt between ... me and older me?

So yeah. Pretty pumped. And super terrified. But pretty pumped.

I'm sure this won't be the last you'll hear of it.

BUT. Back of your mind - I want to name it so I'm not just calling it 'the house'. My townhouse was called Folly ostensibly but Crockett and I always called it the Dollhouse. I'd consider 'the Dollhouse' for the new place too, but I want some other ideas too. Contributions welcome.

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