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I just wrote the following and realized it's not worth much. I'm not adding anything useful to what is an important discussion. However, I feel like it was worth it for me to write, so feel free to skip.  I was pretty busy at work last week and therefore got very behind on my rss.

For that, read: I knew what Elliot Rodger did and I knew what CNN/Skimm (an email that summarizes stuff for you which is a lame description but man alive I love it) said about what Elliot Rodger did, but I hadn't fully experienced what the feminist internet thought about Elliot Rodger.

Jesus H Christ did that guy suck hard. I got that from ... the air, probably. It was just in the air.

What I got today from my rss, though, is the terrifying nature of the rest of the men who populate the same areas of the internet that the messed up jackass populated.

The thing about writing sort of casually is that by the time I find myself ready to write something, someone else has said it better. Hell, at this point (some of) twitter has said it better.

I don't have anything new to say about men who write things like "OBJECTIVELY WHO HAD A BETTER LIFE ELLIOT RODGER OR THE GIRLS HE KILLED. THE ANSWER IS THE GIRLS. SO WHY SHOULD SOCIETY NOT FEEL WORSE FOR ELLIOT". (That link goes to another Jezebel article, not a scary website.) All I have to say is that... nothing. There is nothing I can say. I confused. I am terrified.

As I was leaving my office today, a younger man I don't know was following me out of the building. I didn't make eye contact with him or speak to him, because I generally don't with people I don't know. As I got into my car, I realized how one of the posters in the above linked article would have spun that. I am a female person who ignored a male person today for reasons that have jack all to do with sex. That male person, in all probability, didn't consider me never looking back at him as an affront. The men who write things like what Elliot wrote, though, likely would have.

I'm not terrified because I think that guy was pissed. I'm terrified because there are people who are living in a world of their own making where hating women because we have vaginas and don't share them is a punishable offense. I am confused because every time something like this comes up, the world pretends it's not a problem.

I'm just tired, I guess.

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