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house update

I took my parents to the design center yesterday to confirm the choices I made a couple of weeks ago. I know it looks like I edited in that pink hair but she's badass and it's real.

Somehow I expected that they'd help me find extraneous spending in what I'd already chosen and be more frugal.

Aaha. Ha. Ahaha.

No. I just went ahead and added 20% to my upgrades cost.

What? They made some good points!!

So, my master bathroom used to have these options.

Now it has:

these options.

I know they don't look crazy different, but I changed the tile out for a long one that looks kind of concrete-y and the formica out for a different one that's a little subtler.

That was not that expensive.

However, once we picked out that tile and realized that I love it and want to hug it and kiss it all the time we found other places in the house to put it. Like by the main floor entrances. Which totally makes sense, right?

There may have been an ulterior motive here.

Then, somehow, I upgraded the guest bathroom like four levels.

I suspect they realized that was something that might benefit them more than a pretty master bath.

There's tile there now instead of the vinyl I had picked out before, which you may remember I felt guilty about anyway so whatever. I have 30 years to pay for these decisions. (Giggle. Sob.)

I really like the changes. I think we put me in the house in a way I didn't quite commit to when I was there alone, so I am glad I took them with me.

As of today.

It's weird, though when I'm paying for floors that don't exist yet. Currently, my foundation has been sealed. The next step is pouring the basement and garage floors, and then they start framing.

Yeah uh huh whatever.

I keep trying to explain all of the interesting house details to the girls.

They are super duper fascinated.

c'mon, son

let's drink and watch