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Today my office played the USA vs Germany  game in the cafeteria. I went down there and there were probably twenty people watching the game (400 person office, 10% of whom are traveling at any given time, not a terrible turnout) but they all had their laptops and I don't have a laptop so I went back to my desk. (I'm not important enough to have a laptop yet. Maybe someday. I'm currently writing my performance summary for the first four months of my employment and not having a laptop hasn't come up. I do have two monitors though!)

Crockett IM'd me from a restaurant downtown that opened for the game. He keeps trying to get me to write about the ridiculous people who embrace soccer here in an irritating way, but I have no idea what to say because I'm not really following the whole thing. I'll just tell you what he said instead and get it out of the way.

Crockett: There was one of those fans there, that I talk about. He led the bar in two songs and/or chants. And was wearing a scarf Emma: of course he was Crockett: That kind of nationalism is what start world wars. Emma: :D he was a USA fan, yes? Crockett: yes oh man, can you imagine someone trying to catalyze German nationalism in a bar?? That, empirically, can start a world war

There you go. World war. Because of soccer. Crockett says so.

let's drink and watch

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