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god just get something to say already

Note: I read this before I published it and am aware that it is self indulgent whiny bullshit. However, I don't have anything else to publish tonight so - maybe just don't read it? Are you ever bored with yourself?

I'm reading books. I'm watching tv. I'm building a house and playing the guitar and buying ridiculous dog accoutrements.

I just don't feel interesting.

Maybe it's because I'm not dating. That sounds fucking terrible, I know, but maybe that's why. Maybe having someone who wasn't me that cared about my minutiae helped to validate that little crap. Can that be right?

There are not-big things that happen that I turn into anecdotes, of course. Like, going dancing on Saturday night and the dumbasses who talked about my tattoos two feet behind me but then had nothing to say when I turned around. Or falling off my bike today because some dumbass opened his car door into the bike lane. These are the things I tell coworkers and acquaintances when we need something more than 'how's it going, good, you?'

(Is it possible that all my anecdotes involve people I think are dumbasses? That seems boring to me, even. I should have some about awesome people.)

OH ACTUALLY. My one of my coworkers (I would say I have four that are varying levels of friend. She is at the we-talk-about-personal-stuff but would never hang out outside work and I don't trust her with real secrets even a little bit level. Like, she knows what I do about my mustache hair) had to run this pain in the ass errand today because she does a lot of volunteer work and whatever. She ended up in line in a government office through no fault of her own for two+ hours in downtown Denver.

At about three, we needed to work on something together, and she came and sat in my cube.

She smelled like chlorine.

Now I have this idea that she actually did have an errand but powered through super quick and spent an hour sitting by a pool somewhere. It was beautiful here today.

I really hope that's true.

And that's the kind of minutiae I'm talking about. There's no punchline. No big reveal. It's a smell and I hope that I have that a nice person snuck a Monday pool visit for herself.




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