Colorado. Runner. Yogi. Fucking hilarious, like, 17% of the time.

When the girls (dogs) are scared, they bark. Well, Agnes always barks. Maida always barks and sometimes simultaneously cowers. It's got to be damn terrifying being a ten pound animal in a world of big footed people.

I am currently a little scared. Fortunately, no one I know lives in Miami and even if they did, 200 years is a long time.

And yes, more scared. What I really want to know is why is the sugar daddy question (#5) unanswered? I'll go ahead and answer for Cosmo: "Yes, if you're self aware enough to know exactly what you're asking for. And you're probably not, because come on, who is." Mostly I'm scared because I'm not a twenty-something and this is COSMO and I'm still asking myself some of these questions.

Ok, mostly the bangs one.

Barking my head off over here.

But would I look cuter doing it with bangs?