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crooked little houses

Ok so. In one of the Harry Potter books, the whole wizarding media took against Harry, do you guys remember that? It was sneaky, like they'd say someone who did something dumb 'pulled a Harry Potter'* or whatever? I feel like the popular media is doing the reverse right now with Enlightened, the tv show that airs after Girls on HBO. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm getting the impression that the Gawker and Gawker-esque sites are trying to save it. (I think it's about to be cancelled.) Yes, there have been articles about it, but it's also been casually referenced and ... just sort of snuck in here and there.

How does something like that happen? Is there a memo that circulates? I mean, I've seen it recently on and on, and Jezebel once referred to xoJane as the 'best site for hate reading', so they're obviously not all going out to coffee together or anything. Does one person mention it then everyone starts loving it? Is this a media meme?

I guess I'm going to watch it, though, because the the Jezebel/xoJane venn diagram now has at least TWO things in the middle - me as a reader and that show as something they like.