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a new rule

Hey, remember when I played roller derby for like one hot minute before I dislocated my tailbone? In roller derby, everyone gets a cool name. That's a large part of why I'm sad I didn't stick it out, actually - I had an awesome name all ready to go. They take their names very seriously, though. You have to register, and once a derby name is yours, no one else can use it. Like, ever. The list of taken names is hugely impressive.

I would like to extend that 'registering' idea to ringtones. It wouldn't be international - it would be county wide, maybe. I know it sounds ridiculous, but think about how much easier your life would be if THE PERSON IN THE CUBE NEXT TO YOU DIDN'T HAVE YOUR EXACT RINGTONE.

Or maybe that's just me.

how else are you supposed to judge a book?

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