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you know what boys think

I used to have this boyfriend named Jimmy. Everyone loved Jimmy, and he was a good guy, but he was kind of ... shy isn't quite the right word, and prude isn't quite the right word. He didn't cuss a lot and he didn't like it when girls cussed (ahahahah obviously that worked out really well), and he didn't talk about pooping or farting or anything EVER. So this one time, I had a terrible cold, and my nose was all flaky and gross like noses get, and Jimmy and I were at the grocery store so I could buy tissues and NyQuil. While we were in line, he turned to me and said:

You have stuff on your nose. You know what boys think when they see that.

And I got all mad because DUH I couldn't stop blowing my nose long enough to let it heal, so what did he think I was going to do about it? So I said, no, dude, what do boys think, and he got all embarrassed and refused to answer. To this day I have no idea what he meant. Right now my nose looks that terrible again, though, because I've had the most MISERABLE cold since Monday. So, who knows what boys think when they see a gross flaky scaly nose? Is it boogers? Is that what he was referring to? Or ... cocaine? Those are literally the only two things I can think of, and they're both stupid.


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