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HEY GUESS WHAT? I forgot about a whole student loan.

Seriously, wtf, me? How is it possible that I have a WHOLE STUDENT LOAN that I don't remember getting? I thought I had two, but oh no no, I have three. Three student loans.

I actually thought the banks were screwing with me for a little while. Like, Wells Fargo had actually handed my loan to someone else and they were going to service it but both companies were still emailing me about it, that kind of thing. But no, I checked with my school and it looks like there were disbursements from three separate loans over the course of my education. My bank redid their online banking last year, so I can't actually make sure I GOT the money or find out what I did with it - no, that would be too simple.

What's that whole 'student loan forgiveness' thing Obama is always going on about? I feel like I should have been listening more closely. Of course, I also should have been paying attention when banks sent me informative missives, so, yeah, I'm not really on top of things.

I'm a little concerned now about what else I might be unaware of. Did I register for a PhD program somewhere and am I being marked absent every day? Did I accept another job in addition to this one and are they about to fire me because I never showed up? Do I have another boyfriend somewhere?

Damn, guys, this sucks.

(Also I had to turn off the debate after twenty minutes last night because both candidates were being irritating, amirite? I wish presidential debates were more like high school debates. I would have paid money to see Lehrer stop Romney on a fallacy or tell Obama that if he isn't going to answer the question that was asked he doesn't get to talk.)

(Also I'm OBVIOUSLY still all about Obama. Romney isn't pro-lady, and that's where my heart lies. I'm actually still all about Hillary, now that I think about it. Anyone else still a little heartbroken that she lost the nomination?)

(Also student loans are TERRIBLE.)

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