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in your face, yesterday

Yesterday was a weird and terrible day because I was an idiot, and I HATE that because then I can't blame it on anyone else. Here's what happened. Basically, I had one really important thing to do, but an automated process had to finish first. I had to manually check to see if that process was done, which I did several times last week (nope), Monday (nope), and yesterday (still nope). Yesterday I finally asked someone what was going on, because it should have been done, and he pointed out that I'm an idiot, was looking at the wrong thing, and it totally was done and had been for like days. Probably. I actually have no idea when it finished, but I'm assuming it was days ago because yesterday was that kind of day. Then, in trying to do my one important thing, I broke my computer (BOTH - I have two computers at work and I broke them BOTH) by trying something that I knew didn't work because it broke my computer last week. I just forgot.

Then I didn't get to go to the gym because of the important thing doing and computer fixing.

THEN I got a flu shot, which I wasn't wearing the proper clothes for. I ended up having to take my shell thing off in front of a room full of people which was fine because I had a whole nother shirt underneath but I did it awkwardly and smooshed my nose and it was just embarrassing.

Then my arm hurt.

THEN I had to go to a 'round table' meeting where there was no agenda and a whole bunch of newish employees were supposed to ask questions, but no one had any questions and it was a waste of a perfectly good hour. I could have come up with some questions, too, but I didn't really think about it and I missed my chance. Because I was an idiot yesterday.

Finally, my boss told me that a perfectly reasonable request that my coworker and I had made to make our lives more pleasant had been denied. That, fortunately, was not caused by any idiotic move on my part, but still, it was very disappointing. I was already so mad about the computer thing and the important thing and the flu shot thing and the dumb meeting thing that I said absolutely nothing to him when he told me that, because I probably would have cried. Or yelled. Or cry-yelled, which I suspect would have been so traumatic for him that he would have caved and given us what we want, but I don't want to be that person. You know, the scary unbalanced cry-y person. I mean, I am that person, I just don't want to be that person at work. Or I don't want people at work to know I'm that person, more accurately.

Anyway, though, today has been better! Yay! In your face, yesterday.


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