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habits vs. addiction

I had this post planned about a New York Times article called Can Food Be Addictive, but I scrapped it because it was stupid. You're welcome.

The article is also kind of stupid, but you're welcome to go read it for yourself and find out. Maybe you'll like it! I don't know you!

Anyway, instead, I thought I'd make a list of habits that I have and see if any of them could be considered addictions. I do eat every day, after all, and I had no idea that was considered a dependence (aside from the duh it's a dependence thing), so what else am I missing?

  • Drinking a glass of wine while I cook dinner. Addiction? AA says no! (Thank goodness.)
  • Checking my Google reader while I walk, pee, eat, and breathe. Addiction? Squidoo says no!  (I'm interpreting it that way because it doesn't stop me from doing things, it accompanies me while I do them.)
  • Watching television. Like, all the time. Seriously, ask Crockett. Addiction? I have no idea, because the only reputable source I can find is Scientific American and they won't let me read this article without being a subscriber. Way to care about my possible life threatening (ok not really) addition, SA, thanks.
  • Working. What? How is this dumber than the idea that I might be addicted to food? Addiction? says 'ahahahahaahah, no'.
So, no addictions for me.
Oh! One more thing. I've been watching the last season of Supernatural in preparation for the new one (premiering Wednesday!!!!), and I had forgotten how funny the whole corn syrup plot line is. What, you're not addicted to the continuing adventures of Sam and Dean? Well, last season there were these monsters called Leviathans, and they ate people, and in order to make the people extra fat and lethargic they bought the world's biggest corn syrup manufacturer and started to drug the syrup. It could have come across as heavy handed - 'the evvvvvils of corn syrup' - but it didn't. It was awesome.  Even if I am addicted to corn syrup.

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