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well THAT'S unappealing

Do you ever feel like you smell bad? (Don't worry, I'm not talking to YOU. I'm talking to the other people reading. YOU smell lovely.) This one time, in high school, a girlfriend of mine very casually asked me if she smelled like BO because she'd forgotten to put on deodorant that morning. She lifted her arm so I could get a better whiff, even. I know that sounds kind of gross, but it wasn't - at the time it just struck me as incredibly brave. She was my best friend but I never would have asked her something like that.

There are lots of things that some people are embarrassed about that I've worked hard not to be. Like leg hair and my period. I'm a lady, y'all, and that comes with stuff like that. Then there are things that I know I should embrace but haven't quite mastered - weird extra long chin hairs, I'm looking at you.

(To be clear, I get RID of my leg and chin hairs, it's just that I don't panic if someone sees me with unshaven legs. The time on of my McGuckin's coworkers thought I had a dog hair on my face and then pulled it to find that it was attached? WHOLE DIFFERENT THING.)

Someone recently wrote to xoJane because her friend smells like poop. She thinks that her friend sort of knows but maybe doesn't really know - she even did this thing where she said 'I smell poop, do you smell poop?' and her friend looked at the bottom of her own shoes and said 'well it isn't me' even though IT TOTALLY WAS HER.

I have a point with all of this, and that point is that I'm wearing a very cute scarf today but I think the scarf smells. I washed it with some towels that were maybe a little musty, and I think now that some of that smell not only survived but transferred. (Crockett is very good about separating laundry and I always think he's being anal, but I guess maybe he won this one.)

So it smells to ME, but it's right under my nose, and probably no ones else can smell it? And it's sort of integral to my outfit today. Without the scarf I would merely be a girl in khakis, a hoodie, and flip flops. Not professional. With the scarf, it looks like the whole thing was on purpose. But no one will tell me if the scarf smells without me asking, and if I ask them I'm the weird girl with the smelly scarf.


Do you ever feel like you smell bad?


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