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Jason Mraz was in town on Monday and Tuesday, and several of my facebook friends went to see him. He was his regular goofy self. He wore a fleece dinosaur onesie onstage. Star says he seemed high, which, yeah. I think that's sort of his thing. I used to be really really into Jason Mraz. Like, not only do I have bootleg bar recordings of many of his pre-fame shows, I have them memorized, drunken banter and all. Even on my phone now I have 128 Mraz songs.

I could sing 'If It Kills Me' from  We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. even with amnesia and a concussion.

Somehow, though, I'm sort of over it. I mean, I still respect him as a musician (particularly as a lyricist, because he's FUNNY and what's better than funny songs?), but this one time in college I found out that he had a girlfriend and I felt like I'd been dumped. Literally. I was as upset as I'd ever been in high school when broken up with by an actual boyfriend - you know, one who knew that I existed and stuff? I even had a serious, live in boyfriend of my own at the time. Of course, I wasn't happy. I had a job I hated, I was in the process of getting over that actual boyfriend (although we didn't break up for like a year), I didn't like my town, I didn't like my roommates... I probably needed something to hang on to.

Oh Jason, thanks for being there for me, then. I'm sorry I don't seem to need you anymore, but I'm sure someone else does, so you just keep doing your thing.

Dino suit and all.

(Photo courtesy of Star. Thanks, honey!)


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