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8 reasons not to date a statistics graduate student

(The title is entirely misleading, because I do not hang out with any statistics graduate students that aren't me - therefore I really mean '8 things that I do that are irritating now that I am a statistics graduate student'. That's not as catchy, though, so ... continue.)

1) She will correct you (and your friends) when you use the word 'probability' lightly. Probability means something specific, people.

2) She will make you quiz her on the difference between the Cramer-Rao theorem and the Rao-Blackwell theorem. You will not care, because she doesn't really care.

3) She will endlessly cite 'this thing I read' and then spend ten minutes with her smartphone trying to find it, because she doesn't want to tell you the wrong sample size.

4) She is broke. (This has nothing to do with statistics and everything to do with her being a grad student.)

5) She is cranky. (See parenthetical above.)

6) She will derail every conversation with 'I wonder how likely that is'.

7) She will watch all of the episodes of Supernatural that are available on Netflix on an endless loop while she studies. (What, I told you I don't hang out with other stats students. I have no reason to believe this isn't true for everyone. (<= That is some TERRIBLE statistical inference that I just did there.))

8) She wants to graduate more than anything else in the world, including more than she wants to be nice.

Ok, fine. This is basically an apology to everyone for me sucking. And me being mean. And also me being boring. And watching all of Supernatural for the third time (Crockett, that one is for you specifically). I'm very sorry.



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