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pink and red

I can't say anything about the Susan G. Komen Foundation's clearly political decision to defund Planned Parenthood that hasn't already been said better by someone else. Those links outline the hypocrisy in the Foundation's stated reason for defunding and the (depressing) state of women's healthcare that makes Planned Parenthood so necessary in the first place.

Now, though, I am both disgusted by and embarrassed for Komen. To defund was ridiculous. To reinstate, with bullshit explanations, was the right call but poorly done. The statement Komen released effectively says 'god, guys, fine. We didn't do anything wrong, but if you're going to get all sensitive about it we'll take it back. For now, anyway.'

I have a pink stand mixer. And pink license plates. I acknowledge that I bought them more because I was going through a pink phase and liked that I could justifty pinkness with some social cred. I've since learned that the marketing surrounding pink is actually not particularly helpful when it comes to altering people's behavior with regard to breast cancer. In other words, perhaps more people bought pink stuff because they were like me when I bought my mixer. I don't do regular breast exams (yes, I am aware that I should). I don't walk or run for 'the cure'. I don't talk to my friends about their risk factors for breast cancer. I do have a pink mixer and pink license plates, and honestly? I'm not even sure that there was a charitable donation associated with those purchases. I think there was, but I would, wouldn't I?

Komen's foundation didn't make their decision with the highest emphasis on the health of women, but neither did I when I brought pink things into my life.

I am holding them to a higher standard than I hold myself, and that makes me feel bad - but then I remember that I'm not a charity and I feel better.

I just want good things to happen for women, and I want the organizations that purport to be for women to want the same thing.

Maybe I'll start buying red stuff instead.



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